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            Multifuntional pasta machine

            - Mar 19, 2015 -

            1.Pasta machine introduction

              Multifunctional pasta machine is a very popular food processing machine, used flour(rice flour, starch coarse cereals, etc)as the raw material, can made various food through the different mould, such us Crisp shell, crispy rice,etc.At the same time, it can produce macaroni, stretched noodles and so on. This machine is the ideal equipment for your business developing.

             2.Pasta machine performance characteristics:

              a.Compact structure design, convenient operation, less power consumption and high production.

              b.Adoping the Simulation of molding technology, automatic forming and cutting.

              c.Wide range of application, figure varieties.
            3.Pasta machine parameters

            Model Power supply Power Size Triangle belt model
            GRT-30 220V 2.2kw 620×500×880mm 100-1050A 30kg/h 80kg
            GRT-60 380V 3.0kw 720×500×900mm 100-1050A 60kg/h 100kg
            GRT-100 380V 4.0kw 720×600×920mm 110-1150B 100kg/h 120kg

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