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            Brake dish machine

            - Mar 19, 2015 -


            Widely used for chopping garlic, ginger, potato, peanut, chestnut, meat and other fruits and vegetables massive stems which used for the production of vegetable stuffing machine.

            Product introduction:

              It is a kind of high-efficient machinery, which can be quickly chopped meat and root and leafy vegetables for made of vegetable stuffing.

              Brake dish machine adopts food grade stainless steel material, which has the characteristics of clean health, safety and high efficiency, little more than expected, convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

              Suitable for organs and units, hotels, catering stalls, canteens, large crowds of local enterprise.

            Product characteristics:

              1, Main body and food contact part adopts food grade stainless steel, clean health.

              2, The knife made of high-quality stainless steel, high hardness and toughness, blade is more durable;

              3, The shredding process fully closed, safe and fast, high efficiency.

              4, Convenient cleaning, finished just boot washing barrel with water.

              5, Barrel cover used buckle design simple, easy cleaning and maintenance.

              6, Oil seal which under the main shaft prevent dish liquid flows into the machine body.

            Technical parameters:

              Type: GRT-400

              Power: 370W

              Motor speed: 1400r/min

              Working power supply: 220V/50HZ

              Production capacity: 400kg/h

              Weight: 21kg

              Size: 350*265*600mm

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